Friday, 16 November 2012

I Used to Know That: Geography: stuff you forgot from school, Will Williams

I bought this book for an extremely reasonable 99p, with the intent of refreshing my fuzzy and unreliable memory re: GCSE Geography. The author puts a modern and relevant spin on concepts, as well as reminding you of certain ways of teaching long passed that are amusing to look back on. I found the physical Geography section a bit mind boggling, with too many tricky graphs. But it was still fun to re-visit river formation and coastlines. Unlike when I was at school, I really enjoyed the human Geography chapters, probably because I am more interested in the wide world now than I was then and have first hand experience of a few places. There were lots of statistics about consumerism and the effects of natural disasters, as well as a refreshing stance on global warming.
After reading this book I felt inspired to jog my memory on the other subjects, specifically History, Maths (eek) and Science (double eek). But unfortunately, as is a trend with Kindle products, the offer is no longer on and the price has gone up to 4.91, which just seems a bit steep for something I got free when I was sixteen!


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